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Dinner was good. I love Chili's chicken tacos. So good. And I got to see Bridgette and Steph. I saw Bridgette last Friday, but I hadn't seen Steph since Thanksgiving. Yay.

Rob leaves tomorrow for London.

We Nikki-bashed during dinner because this birthday thing of hers tomorrow is going to cost AT LEAST $15 and we are all incredibly broke from the holidays. Apparently you have to PAY to get into Navy Pier and skating is free. Well fuck. I wanted to go in for free and just not skate. And we have to pay for TRAIN and BUS tickets. *is annoyed*

Then we hung at Barnes and Noble for a very brief time before going to Pat's.

Mmm...played us some Halo. When the girls gacked the 4 controllers and had a "bitch fight" I did pretty well. But against any guy, we sucked big time. Must perfect skills. Must win.

I took Garvey home at 11:45, then brought Zoe back here. We watched Untitled, the Almost Famous "bootleg" director's cut with a bonus 24-minutes, or something like that. Much enjoyable, but I had to take her home at 2:45-ish. And I'm so tired now.

I have to be up in 5 hours and 45 minutes. Fuck me.

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