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You don't have to say what you did, I already know

I swear...there was something I was going to say.

And it was "important".

Eh, oh well.

I napped a bit. More like laying in my dark room with my foot elevated and iced and listening to 3 Doors Down and Matchbox Twenty. Yum.

Then Fayanne and I watched Jeopardy! Whee!!

Tomorrow, I have a foot doctor appointment at 9:45. Then an eye doctor appointment at 11:30. At noon, I babysit Zoe until Katie picks her up, then at 2:10, I have to be at the train station to go downtown for Nikki's birthday thing. Shit, I need to get her a present. Aww...fuck. I forgot. Oh well.

In an hour, we're all meeting at Chili's for dinner, then hanging out at Pat's. Fun and excited as usual...but at least I'm not home!

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