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32 wants to do things to you that'll make you blush

Number 5 just cries a river a minute
7 wants to tie you up and drown you in it
Yeah, 14 just wants to say so long, bygones
32 wants to do things to you that'll make you blush
10 would key the El Camino that you love so much
And there ain't nobody wants to mess with 23
Oh, lucky 4 you tonight I'm just me

Love this song. It's so funny. And was on the radio on the way home.

Lunch was actually really good. Mama was, well...Mama. But I had the most fantastic Chicken BLT Wrap-Up thing with a side of Egg Harbor's really good salad with Poppyseed Dressing and their fried potato chunk things. YUM!

Rob is planning a Flat Top dinner later. More yum. But lots of money for unlimited food...and I'm so stuffed right now that that sounds bleh. But it will be good.

And Mama's finally calling to make an appointment for my foot. It's heinously bruised and hideous looking and has been hurting more recently. Boo.

And I will be calling to make an eye doctor appointment too...probably. I'm thinking that I might get some cute thick-rimmed glasses to wear occasionally, while keeping these ones for primary use...if I can. Our insurance is awesome so I get $200 off any frames. Whee!!

And Fayanne and I might do a little shopping later. I now have $80 gift cards to Express, $25 to Kohl's (new sheets!?!?!), $30 to Best Buy and I've had a $15 to Barnes and Noble since my birthday. Woo!

And I'm spent. Perhaps a nap is in order...

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