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You told me you loved me, why did you leave me all alone?

Stuff that didn't get posted when AT&T was being a prick last night...

1) The house still smells like bacon from breakfast

2) After Bonnie's, I went to Rob's house and a few of us watched Minority Report. It was good, but I am annoyed with America's obsession with happy endings.

3) Lint brushes work on skin! (silly sweater fuzz in the arm pit)

4) "Hee hee hee...oh. I was laughing out loud, wasn't I?" - Rob

[This morning]

5) I am quickly becoming obsessed with "Cry Me a River". I like the song, it has a good beat, and I LOVE the video! Stalker!Justin is the coolest ever!!!

6) Fa and I are meeting Mama for lunch today. Bleh.

7) I need to shower and get dressed in the next 25 minutes. Ha! Oh...I should go now.

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