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Walking in a winter, winter wonderland

Ah, awake. Too early if you ask me.

I didn't go to Zoe's Christmas Pageant this morning, even though she asked me yesterday if I would. I feel pretty guilty about it...but. Early. Wake up. Church. :-p She'll a few years.

Tonight, Cici is planning a Two Towers thing. I sort of already had plans to do a driving though Winter Wonderland lights show thing. And Winter Wonderland has less walking and stairs.

My foot is still majorly swollen. It still hurts to walk on. I'm still walking like a gimp and making as few trips up and down the stairs as possible. Oh, and the bruising is getting worse. It always takes me a few days to get the true bruise colors.

I'm going to go ice, elevate and maybe wrap it now. And grab some breakfast or somethin'. Later.

Oh, and I had a strange dream.

I was shopping in a mall at Christmas time (boo...I avoid this at ALL costs). Mama, Fayanne, Cici and I are walking through a display of furniture, couches, tables, cabinets...and some tables have glasses and knick-knacks on them. Display type stuff.

We get to this one section and there are signs saying to be careful because the glasses in this section aren't just cheap plastic display, but actually fine crystal or whatever.

So I step over an end table with about ten glasses on it (a few wine glasses, mostly little shot glasses). And I clear it. Then Cici is handing something over to me, and leans a bit to close to the little end table. It falls, but luckily none of the glasses break.

The glasses had loose change in them to try and weigh them down a bit, so I start collecting the glasses and figuring out how much change to put in each. At this point, the scene completely changes and I'm in Lindsay Sherman's living room with her, Justin Shiftman, and someone else (Amanda, maybe?). I'm working on the glasses and we are all talking about random stuff. Lindsay asks a question about Jen (her little sister who is a Freshman in my theatre class) and I start telling her about Jen's talent in the class. Then her mom walks through [and I'm impressed because the woman in the dream was actually her mom. I haven't seen the woman in years, but I remember what she looks like. Go me.] and that is basically it.

It was pretty boring, but very random, so I thought I'd share.

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