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Keep telling myself that it won't take long till I'm free of my disease

Today was fine.

Nothing overly great happened in school. We got our assignment for my English final. It's so easy, it's practically a joke. APES sucked as usual. Doc Hoyer bothers me so much. He claims to want an AP-level discussion, but prefers you to quote directly from the book instead of paraphrasing and connecting it to something useful.

Crew was good too. Very little work. Whatever. At 5 we went to Chipotle for dinner. Hadn't had it in a while. It was really yummy. Eric left his Theatre Fest binder there (eek) with all our permission forms and emergency contact stuff. He'll have to get it back tomorrow, I suppose.

The concert went surprisingly well. It was fun. Saw some graduates. Only really talked to Emily Baum...which was sort of random, but I've had enough classes with her throughout the years and even she can be a nice person.

Sat around after that. Concert ended at 8:30. Didn't leave until 11:30. That's just what happens. I may have felt like a third wheel and at times not been having fun (I don't know if I really "have fun" anymore), but it was better than sitting at home.

Tomorrow is Alumni Day. Graduates come back to talk to Junior and Senior English classes about college. They also hang around a lot and so you can go visit them. Wow.

AWARE after school tomorrow. It's a "holiday party" of sorts, but I didn't have time to bake anything tonight, and we are watching a movie (documentary) on the male prone to violence.

My computer is shitty and has frozen my task bar. So I can only do things that involve the desktop. least. So I can't check my mail. Piece of shit. And it JUST restarted itself too. I HATE THIS COMPUTER.

I need to go now. Later.

Fun and exciting.

Also! I got a Christmas card from the lovely ladymissdiva! Yay! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

It is just one of THOSE days...the ones that fucking suck and there is no fucking silver lining.

That's your cue to get your ass on a horse and come save me, you idiot.

Today was fine. Alumni Day...could have been fun, but I missed out on the good stuff by having to work the fucking hot-dog sale during 6th period and going to AWARE instead of Crew. *shakes an angry fist* Fuck me.

No homework. Per usual. Damn, I love this year.

Tomorrow is the last day before break. ABOUT FUCKING TIME!! I need off. After school tomorrow is our 6(+) hour crew break party. So much fun. Yay.

Now, I need to go paint my picture frames. Must be done for tomorrow. Damn, I'm going to need to wrap those too. Grrr...

OH. And my FUCKING PIECE OF SHIT computer has crashed 6 times today already. And 4 times last night. It froze while I was sleeping last night. While I was at school today. While I was at dinner tonight. I HATE IT SO MUCH. with a baseball bat. We'll see how this thing likes that!!

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