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Everything needs to stop crashing. My computer needs to stop freezing, and the power needs to stop flickering and RESTARTING EVERYTHING.

For once, things need to go my way. I need a day where I can control everything and everyone. I NEED TO GET A FUCKING GRIP ON MY LIFE.

I hate this so much. Everything is going to hell...
My computer.
The lightning.
Outlook Express which isn't opening.
AIM which won't let me see my buddy list.
Internet Explorer that is convinced that it "cannot find server".
My cell phone that sets its own alarm.
The surge protector that beeps constantly when the power fails.
My damn chorus shoes, because they are lost again.
My car for not having properly working windsheild wipers.
Doc Hoyer for having a shitty class.
Indiana University for being so goddamned expensive.
Myself for not getting home hours ago.
Myself for not applying to other schools.
Myself for being a horrible friend.
Myself for being a stupid girl.
Myself for getting so pissed off over nothing.
Myself for being so convinced that I want out of Deerfield, and yet so scared to go anywhere.

I need to go to bed. I'm sorry.

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