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I'M NOT GOING CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!

So remember my demonic cell phone alarm that I would *swear* was going off in the middle of the night, when I knew for a FACT that it was set for the right time????

IT JUST WENT OFF! And I'm wide awake and can't be dreaming. The alarm went off at exactly 12:00am (or says my cell phone which happens to be 12 minutes behind for some reason...). And it gave me the option to snooze and says that the alarm was set for 12am.

HOWEVER! When I went back in to check on the alarm, it said it was still set for 7:15!!!

WHICH MEANS!!!!! I'm not crazy, but my cell phone is DEFINITELY demonic.

That said, I'm off to bed. 7 hours of sleep isn't enough. And there's an uber-long band/orchestra concert tomorrow night that I'm working. *sigh* Much trouble.

Oh, and Zack did a fabulous job at Mr. DHS tonight. He may not have won the crown, but he's a winner in my mind! And your hair looked adorable. ;-)

Also, Brian Glickman butchered John Mayer's "Comfortable." The boy is going straight to HELL!!!!!! The bad parts too.


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Dec. 17th, 2002 06:26 am (UTC)
I completely forgot to tell you! I tried setting my cell phone alarm when I first got my prescription so it would remind me every night at 9:00. The first two nights it didn't go off at all. The third night it went off fine. The fourth day it went off like seven hours early.

I think it's a plot. All Nokia 5165s (or whatever the hell phone we have) are banding together to drive the alarm users crazy!

Yep. Definitely a plot.
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