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I want to run through the halls of my high school...

...oh wait. I already do that. [Running up and down L-hall is a personal favorite. It always makes me feel rushed for something important.]

So today Caitlin did a Tarot reading on me (for $4...damn school chest!!). It was surprisingly accurate and stuff.

Basically...something good is going to happen, but I have to not push or pursue it. I need to wait for it to happen naturally. [Damn...I hate waiting! And I can't do anything to expedite! But it's good!]

Also, I'm being effected my something in my past. [Yes. Surprisingly dead on, because recently...just yes. It was that photo album.]

There is tension at home, and lots of worrying about money. [Hey! Welcome to college discussions.]

Yeah, that was it. Hmm...

Edit: I lied...there were two more things that fit perfectly into my life.

1) There was a card that basically said I'm a whore. Something about deceit... [I'm a horrible person, but dammit...I don't really care anymore.]

2) There was a card that said I'm hard to get close to because I have a defense mechanism that doesn't allow me to let people get to know me. [Ha...yeah. I could've told you that!]

Oh, and Allie got into Dartmouth early decision. She found out today. YAY!!!!

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