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What you thought was real in life, will somehow steer you wrong much with the good.

I'm home sort of early. And yet really late at the same time. STUNTS today ended at 7, but I had an 8pm appointment with Doctor Lady #2, so essentially, this is my first time home.

STUNTS was sort of a train wreck today...mostly sound issues. And we open tomorrow. Greeeeeaaaat. I have confidence that things will go alright though.

So yeah, tomorrow's opening night. Eep! I would get to go home after school and come back for the 6:00 call, except that I decided I'd go to AWARE instead. So I'll probably end up staying through.

Must remember to wear all black tomorrow. And bring my formal dress to wear at night. It's super-dress-up night for the board tomorrow. Whee! Homecoming dress!!!

Have APES homework due on Monday, and a little English due Friday. I won't have time to do most of it tomorrow, but then again...I'm really tired now.

Might just shower and sleep. Mmm...sleep.

Countdown to Winter Break: 7 school days

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