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Snow is cold, rain is wet...chills my soul right to the marrow

I'm amazing.

I networked our printers. For no reason other than the one that's hooked up to the "new computer" prints better than the one hooked up to the "old computer".

It was actually semi-challenging, but I figured it all out and stuff. And printed my Hamlet Position Paper (which I finished) from the old computer to the new printer. Woo!

It's the little things in life...

Like the Once in a Lifetime Ally McBeal CD with Vonda Shepard singing "Home Again" AND "Don't Think Twice" and there are duets with Robert Downey Jr that are just lovely. Love my Ally CDs.

Now I shall attempt to do my APES homework before I keel over from boredom.

'Goodbye' is too good a-word,
So I'll just say 'fare thee well.'

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