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Christmas bells are ringing

I'm awake and surprisingly happy with the amount of sleep I got. Going to bed at 1 and waking up at 10:45 is much happier than going to bed at 2:30 and waking up at 10:45 (like yesterday).

Had some Cheerios for breakfast. Yum.

I am definitely looking forward to the coming weeks. 10 days until winter break!!!

This is basically for my own reference, but I need something to keep me going!!

Monday (9th) - School. Meeting with my counselor (Mrs. Smith aka the nicest woman EVER) about changing my schedule* next semester and financial aid/loans for college. STUNTS tech until 9 with crew, band and Musical Theatre Troupe.

Tuesday (10th) - School. My 1-2 page, double-spaced Hamlet essay is due. Tech until 9 with everything! (Original Acts, Band, Musical Theatre Troupe and Crew)

Wednesday (11th) - School. STUNTS Final Dress rehearsal! Eek! Until 7. 8 o'clock appointment with Doctor Lady #2 in Arlington Heights. Bah.

Thursday (12th) - EB meeting with Student Activities Board. School. AWARE after school until 5-ish. 6 o'clock call for our first 7:30 performance of STUNTS!!! Home by 10...I hope. (Mmm...15 hour day...)

Friday (13th) - School. 6:00 call for STUNTS. Entire immediate family goes to Central Illinois for Fayanne's Graduation on Saturday. House to myself. Shindig after chez moi.

Saturday (14th) - STUNTS Day. I'm busy all day buying food and setting up for the production party to follow the show. Also planning the strike. 6:00 call, then show, then strike, then party. Fayanne graduates College somewhere in there...I won't see it. Home very late after clean-up.

Sunday (15th) - My brother's birthday. Going downtown to the Art Institute with Zoe and her mom. Seeing the Medici and Michaelangelo** exhibit.

Monday (16th) - School. Probably crew (ending early). Mr. DHS at night. Musical crew head list posted.

Tuesday (17th) - School. Probably crew (ending early). Dinner before teching the Band/Orchestra Concert at night.

Wednesday (18th) - School. Probably crew (ending early). Chorus concert. Yay holiday concert!!

Thursday (19th) - School. Alumni Day! A bunch of college kids come back and talk to Junior and Senior English classes about college and stuff. They hang around during the day, so it'll be awesome to see them again. Jason's going to be there, and I don't know if anyone else will be.

Friday (20th) - School. Probably parties in most classes. Crew Break Party after school. We eat and talk and have fun and run around and see graduates and watch movies on the big projection screens. So. Much. Fun. I'm really excited! [Only 12 more days!]

Then - WINTER BREAK!!!!!

January 9-11 - Theatre Festival at University of Illinois. Lots of workshops and performances to attend. All high school stuff. A big All-State production of MacBeth, which a friend of ours is in. Ooo. Lots of overnighted fun, and missing two days of school!

January 21-24 - Finals. Eek. But end of first semester! And possibly our last finals ever! (If you average a B your second semester of Senior year, you don't have to take the final.)

January 25(?) - Seeing Jason's production of Evita at Northwestern. It's the Dolphin show at Pick-Staiger, if anyone is familiar with this...

February 13-16 - Choir and Orchestra trip to New Orleans!!!

March 5-8 - Musical show dates. The Boyfriend.

And I don't feel like doing anymore...

*I'm hoping to drop my 2-period lab science (AP Environmental Science) in favor of taking Dance as a gym (instead of Individual and Racket Sports) and keeping American Foreign Policy, which I was planning to drop for lack of free periods. If this works, my schedule is as follows:
1 - English with Weatherby
2 - Economics with Huff(!!!)
3 - Company with Carl
4 - Free
5 - Chorale with Akers
6 - American Foreign Policy with Kaplan
7 - Free
8 - Dance
9 - Theatre 1,2 with Susan

**Allie: You're going without me!? Oh, I see how it is. I'm not good enough for you anymore? Taking you to the Art Institute every winter break for the past 5 years, and now you're just ditching me like that? [I tell her what the exhibit is.] That's the exhibit with all the Renaissance Art that hasn't been out of Rome in like...400 YEARS! and it's only coming to like...Chicago and Detroit or something like that!!!!!! And you're going WITHOUT me?!?!?!

So I told her I would go again with her and her family. It's a tradition for me to go down with her mom and sisters. We usually have lunch at the Bennigan's across the street. And spend far too much money at the gift shop. Oy!

So much with the busy and everything. And it's all so soon! Two weeks of school left. And then it's all fun. So much fun.

And this took far too long. So much trouble!

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