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Yuletide carols being sung by a choir and folks wrapped up like Eskimos

It's been a pretty long day. Though I keep thinking it's Friday...which sucks because it's not and my weekend is almost over.

Tech went pretty well. Things were slow for a large part of the day. :-( We wrapped things up at 5 though, and sent people home. I was waiting to hear back from Jason about what we were doing tonight. It ended up being about 7 seniors sitting around with Eric for TWO HOURS.

I finally got a hold of Jason (I had to call...eww!!) and it turned out that he was at Evita rehearsal and then going out for a Clarinet dinner. I was POSITIVE that he said that was Sunday, but whatever. We couldn't go down there until 8:30.

So we all went to Rob's for a while, then Candace and I (since everyone else vetoed the idea) went to Evanston with Starfarers. We had Panera for dinner (no soup in a bread bowl though! They were out of chicken noodle! It was a crisis...).

After, we met him and went to his dorm to play in the Common Room. After, the game (Candace won) we sat around for a while and then convinced Jason we should go hang out in his dorm room. It wasn't overly exciting or anything, but we at least got to sit on the comfy bed instead of wooden chairs.

Dace had to be home for curfew though, so we left at 11:30-ish. Now I'm home and about to try to catch up on my friends page. Yay!

And look!

It was taken tonight while playing the game in the Common Room. Exciting, huh?

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