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If she needs you she'll call, but I don't think that's likely somehow

Edit: My PowerBook would probably cost about $3600. Ouch. :-( [It's really pretty though! With a DVD-R drive and lots of hard drive space and an AirPort card and big, wide screen, and...I really really want it. Too bad it's not going to happen. Ever. *sigh*]

And I honestly don't know what I should ask for for Christmas. I want The Producers CD...and honestly? That's about it. I could find movies and stuff that I want, but that would be such a waste because it's not like "OH! I've been wanting that FOREVER!"

Any suggestions? Seriously. What should I ask for for Christmas?

Oh, and happy last night of Hanukkah. Or was that last night? No...tonight. Whatever. Yay Hanukkah.

I'm watching Evita. And singing very loudly with it. I know the entire show by heart. God, I love this musical.

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