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*sigh* And the day finally ends

Ate dinner at Ci's apartment. Was very good. Got to hang around with the kids. Cuties.

Not using subjects in sentences. Very annoying to me. Will stop...soon.

Okay, I'm done with that. It was mildly entertaining, but then was just too much.

I'm a little antsy about the fall play meeting tomorrow. I am the only "crew" person involved in rehearsals. I'm sure I'll be fine once I get used to people there. But I will probably feel kinda alienated at first. Like I don't belong. Yet, I'm doing it to myself. I suck a lot.

Book sale tomorrow at 10. I'll have to get up at 9. I'm giving Carly a ride. Between the book sale and my meeting, I'm decorated my locker. I picked out all the pictures I'm going to use already. So much to do.

Problem. Just found out that my nail appointment on Friday is at 11:30, not 11. And it will probably take 2 hours not one. This means I will be missing more that half of the STUNTS Board meeting. I feel really bad, though technically it's not my fault. When Zach first sent out the e-mail for conflicts, the 31st was not listed as a possible day for meetings. Otherwise, I would have said I couldn't make it at all. Also just found out that rehearsal at the church is at 5:45, meaning I have to leave home at 5. Blah. I will never be home...ever.

I think that's about it. I keep writing about my busy schedule. You probably know it better than I do at this point. By the way, I feel better, though my tummy is still a little antsy.

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