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Since it's obvious I'm not planning on sleeping anytime soon...

Kissed your cousin?: Uh, no.
Ran away?: I hid behind the garage once, but got really bored.
Pictured your crush naked?: Yes. Definitely.
Broken someone's heart?: Probably not.
Been in love?: I said I was once, but was definitely wrong. Maybe someday...
Wanted someone you knew you couldn't have?: Heh. Um...yeah.
Broken a bone?: Yep, my foot
Lied?: Yes. But generally I classify it as "withholding truth."
Coke or pepsi?: Pepsi
Sprite or 7up?: Sprite

Flowers or Candy?: Flowers
Scruffy or Clean Shaved?: Scruffy
Quiet or Loud?: Surprisingly enough...quiet
Blondes or Brunettes?: Brunettes (again, surprising since I dye my hair blond)
Tall or Short?: Tall
Shorts or pants?: Pants

What do you notice first?: Hair
Last person you slow danced with?: I don't remember. How sad.
Worst question to ask?: "Does this make me look fat?" is never a good one...

You showered?: Since I haven't taken it yet this evening...last night. Fear not, I'm heading up there after this! ;-)
Had a great time with the opposite sex?: Well, I have fun at school, and it's always good to hang out. The night we all went to see Bond?

Your good luck charm?: Well, I have Wish Bear, which is almost like a good luck charm.
The person you hate the most?: It's not worth my time to hate people.

Color?: Purple
Movie?: Almost Famous
Book?: Ishmael by David Quinn
Subject in school?: English
Drink?: Water
Ice Cream?: Chocolate Fudge Brownie
Holiday?: Christmas
Season?: Spring
Breakfast food?: Cereal (Corn Pops, Honey Nut Cheerios, Apple Jacks, Frosted the cereal).

Makes you laugh the most?: I don't know. John's funny. Maybe Zoe?
Makes you smile?: Lots of isn't very hard. To actually answer though...Zoe, Jason, and Allie probably.
Has a crush on you?: I don't know if anyone does.
Who do you have a crush on?: I'll never tell. ;-)
Can make you feel better no matter what?: The same people who can make me smile.
Has it easier, guys or girls?: Guys

Sit by the phone and wait for a call?: Unfortunately. Grrr...

Fallen for your best friend's boyfriend?: Not my best friend's...
Fallen for your best friends brother?: She doesn't have a brother?
Kissed someone who was JUST a friend?: Pretty damn close, but no
Been rejected?: Not whole-heartedly. I don't expose myself enough to be rejected. Mmm...defense mechanisms...
Used someone?: Not entirely.
Been used?: Damn, I hope not. :-\
Cheated on someone?: Nope.
Been cheated on?: Nope.

You instant messaged?: Well, all the people I was talking to IMed me first. Either Zoe, Jason or John. Based on the times of the conversations, Jason was the last one I was talking to.
You kissed?: I gave Zoe and Caitlin kisses on the cheek a couple days ago. It was a cheery day! ;-)
You yelled at?: I try not to yell...maybe Candace?
You laughed with?: Definitely Zoe.

1. Do you drink?: Not on a regular basis
2. How many times have you been drunk?: I think I can honestly say that I've never had enough to get drunk, though I've been nearly there a few times
3. Are you a virgin?: Yes
4. Is your best friend a virgin?: She damn-well better be!
5. How many times a day do you say f***?: Uh...too many? 10?
6. Do you wear short shorts?: Not when it's this cold out!
8. Do you sneak out of the house at night?: Yes
9. Do you get along with your mom?: Not especially
10. How many guys have you kissed?: Just one
11. How many guys have you made out with?: One
12. Ever been so drunk you couldn't remember your name?: Nope
13. Piercing?: 6 ear (hopefully one eyebrow soon?!?)
14. Tattoos?: Not yet
15. Do you wear shirts that show your belly button?: Not purposely
16. Have you ever smoked?: Nope.
17. Are you a regular smoker?: No.
18. Do you do drugs?: No.
19. Did you once do any drugs?: No.
20. Does your best friend do drugs?: No.
21. Do you have any kids?: Definitely not.

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