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And it was grand just to stand with his hand holding mine! Till the end of the line!

So in Chorus today, Melissa got "The Trolley Song" from Meet Me in St. Louis stuck in my head, but only the chorus. [We sang it freshman year.]

So the entire next period, Allie and I were trying to remember how the end went.

It came to me while I was brushing my teeth...and it took me a few seconds to realize "Oh my god! That's what we were trying to figure out!!"


Also, might be going down to Evanston to play Starfarers with Jason, Candace and Cark this weekend. Then STUNTS opens next weekend and his show right now (Evita!!!!!!) opens at the end of January. All night, I've been emailing him and Candace to arrange for those two things. A) Starfarers and B) getting tickets to Evita. Criznazy, I tell you.

The only email I keep in my inbox is "unfinished business" which gets filed into an appropriate folder after I've finished it. And right now there are 32 pieces! Ahhh! Must. Finish. Stuff!

But now!!! BEDTIME!!!!*

*I'd like to know when "bedtime" became a joyous occasion and not a punishment.

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