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Why spend mine, when I can spend yours?

Today was fabulous-o.

Coming home totally made the day, and I went back to school far happier than ever. Theatre 1,2 was definitely good times. The kids worked on their new scenes so Aron and I just wandered the room, helping where necessary, but mostly just doing nothing. Sweet.

First day of STUNTS tech. Things went GREAT! Seriously, it was so very low stress (except maybe Nikki) and I did a lot of liaison work as usual. We ended up finishing early (woo!) so we got out by 8:30.

SO! Zoe decided to come over again to watch another movie. Tonight's selection: Tomorrow Never Dies. Mmm...Bond. We had a lovely feast of Quaker Rice Cakes and Reduced-Fat Wheat Thins. Yum! She had to go home by 10, so now I'm watching the second half alone.

Love me some rice cakes and Bond.

All days should be this good. And I don't really have homework either. Sweet.

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