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Dinner and such was actually pretty good.

We went to On the Border at 6:30, and it was only Pat, Charlie, Rob, Jason and I. About 20 minutes in, Nikki showed up, though she wasn't eating. Caitlin got off work at 7 and got there about 5 minutes later.

We were out by about 7:30 and on our way to Phatty's. I'm so overjoyed that I didn't have to offer my house. Whee.

We hung out there for a while. Played Super Monkey Ball on GameCube (I sucked, but I also had the broken controller) and then there was just a bunch of hanging out until about 9:15 when we started watching the Roast of Chevy Chase on Comedy Central. Wasn't very good, but we had nothing better to do, except beat each other up. Which did happen a great deal, and I definitely felt some of it. Oh's an odd sort of acceptance when you start getting hit by the boys.

We left at 10 because we are all pansies. Curfew is not until 11 (and most of us were 18 anyhow). Not to mention that school doesn't start until 10 tomorrow.

Yay for late arrivals.

Eh, I should have left at 9.

Meh, I'm home now and bored.

EDIT!! Because I haven't sufficiently GIPed this yet! The icon I'm using was made by the lovely and talented Reese, who also made my gorgeous default icon. Love her!

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