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At least I'll have tangoed at all

For the first time in about 20 hours, I'm feeling almost adequate.

Which compared to my prior emotions, it a huge step forward.

I just got off the phone with Allie. We talked for about a half hour, and though she can't come out to dinner with us, I'll be calling her afterward.

While on the phone with her, I found a photo album that I'd never seen before. I was sitting in my mom's room (stupid non-cordless phones!) so since I couldn't wander and talked, my hands wandered and found a little album in her nightstand drawer.

The first picture was of Staci and me when we were flower girls in my Aunt Bonnie's wedding. We were probably 4 and 5, I being the younger. I absolutely adore that picture. So much. I'm really sad that I'd never seen it before.

So I flipped through the rest of the album, and half of it is pictures of me and my siblings growing up. I NEVER saw pictures of me when I was younger. All our big albums stop right as I was born, and then the camera seemed to go out of style. I grew up knowing that if there were only 4 kids in the picture...I hadn't been born yet.

So it was really cool to see pictures from when I was actually around. Place and people that I might actually remember.

The other half were pictures of Mike and Zoe when they were little. (Or, well...littler.)

God, I love that album. It makes me wonder why Mommy doesn't keep it sitting out with the rest of them.

But that first picture. Of me and Staci. It just blows me away.

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