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1.) "Hopefully we'll figure out what's wrong with BML soon and then everything should be peachy!" This makes me smile. Yay LJ people...using the word "peachy".

2.) Finished cleaning space for my big-girl bed. Don't know when parents will be coming home, but it's done no matter.

3.) Told Candace I won't be coming out tonight. With the way I'm feeling (both sick and stressed), I'm not going to be good company. Besides, I need some downtime. Plan for tonight: find pictures and magazine clippings to decorate my locker with.

4.) Called some fall play people that I couldn't get a hold of early (to inform them of the meetings). Liz still isn't home. I guess I'll try once more later tonight, then in the morning. Hopefully I'll get a hold of her. (by the way: I'm starting to overcome my phone-a-phobia with people around my age. Especially after all the STUNTS calls. Still wouldn't be able to call the doctor or adult peoples. Someday...)

5.) Tummy still hurts, but not as bad. Head feels better, but I can tell it's only cus of the Excedrin. Once it wears off, I will be in pain again.

6.) LJ still being screwy. It's sad, but I couldn't get to the homepage to link to update journal. To get here, I actually knew that the ending was "update.bml?mode=full". so sad.

Gonna go start something. Don't know what, but I need to do something before I die of boredom.

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