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What you thought was real in life, it'll somehow steer you wrong

I've calmed down a bit.

I'm still horribly disappointed with the way people were acting tonight, and like I said to Linz...I love them all dearly, but I didn't like a single one of them tonight.

They brought me to tears...practically while they were still there. I was cleaning up thing, organizing and straightening to avoid burst out in sobs and telling them to all just leave because they were horrible people.

Part of me wishes that I would have. I should have just kicked them out. They are my FRIENDS. They shouldn't be allowed to make me feel like that.

And something I said to both Linz and Peter. I felt disrespected. And that hurts, because it's something I hold in high regard. Respect is important, and I felt like SHIT tonight.

I'm overall just shocked that they were so rude. I was being a really good hostess and getting people drinks and food. I felt important and like they appreciated me being there. And then things went downhill, half-way through Trivial Pursuit and I just felt used. And that's a shitty way to feel.

God, I just wanted them out of my house. I'm so glad they all had curfew. I couldn't deal with that anymore.

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