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To want is to buy, but to live is to die and you can’t take it all


All too soon really. Only 10 entries have elapsed on my friends page since last I read. And a majority were from folks half-way around the world. Eep.

I stayed up far too late. I didn't feel tired so I kept playing games of Spider Solitaire.

And talking to a friend who is REALLY pissing me off. And I suppose that's an okay thing. Because the friends that I'm drifting away from me would also be the ones who would hate me if they found out...

< /cryptic >

Either way, she was just really irritating, so I started giving one-word responses and ignoring most of the stuff she said. *sigh* I feel horrible.

Anyway, I went to bed around 2:30 and woke up now. Sounds like I'll be taking a nap later!

Mama comes home later. Must. Not. Be. Here.

The 3 Doors Down CD (Away From the Sun), is SO GOOD. I recommend it to y'all.

That's it.

That ticket to heaven said to lie in the bed that you make

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