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My stomach hurts more now. And I have a headache. I drank a Frappuccino to try an wake myself know, the caffeine and stuff. Probably didn't help my stomach.

Ate a plum, incase i needed food. But it made my stomach worse. Almost choked on the Excedrin I just took for my headache.

god, this day is shaping up to be just as good as yesterday. fuck.

also: I apologize for the last post posting twice...don't know what happened, but i can't currently fix it cus LJ is screwy. I also don't know why the picture of Froggy didn't work. If you click here, you can see him. I'll fix the pic as soon as I have access to the "edit entries" command and I figure out what went wrong.

and: this "pensive lance" icon is really good for crappy days. He's not smiling, so it doesn't give a false sense of happiness. And it's in black and white, which is automatically a more "intense" [for lack of a better word] and apparent/clear/easier-to-see-emotion. get it

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