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Have yourself a merry little christmas

Tonight was so awesome.

So last you heard from me, I was going to nap to 3 Doors Down.

Done and done.

Was a nice 2 hour nap with really fucked up dreams, but they were funny and goofy and entertaining.

Then, I woke up at 5.

Rob planned on bowling at 7. Woo!

I decided on dinner before at Panera. Soup! In bread bowl! Whee!!

So Candace and I went to Panera. At the end, met up with Caitlin. The three of us went to the bowling alley to meet with Rob, Zack and Dan. Goldy and Carly ended up coming as well.

Bowling was fun. We played two games. I sucked at both, but my second was significantly better, with me rocking 4th place with a 65. (And only 6 people were playing...whatever.) It was fun!

Near the end, Bridgette showed up and said Steph was on her way. She also called Lindsay to come!!! They were all planning on going to Bridgette and Mary's apartment and Candace and I were to go with.

So we left the bowling alley at 9:15, picked up Katy and drove down to Evanston.

Their apartment is really nice, and it was so great to see them all. Especially since Steph, Katy and Lindsay are gone most of the year at their colleges.

Unfortunately, Mary has class tomorrow morning at 8, so we all left a little after 11. We got back in town at 11:40. I dropped Candace off at home. Originally, I was going to have people over here, but Allie has to race tomorrow and would have had to leave at 12:30, Zoe is stuck babysitting later than she thought, Candace has curfew and Jason hasn't called me back yet.

Oh well. Maybe tomorrow.

Mama comes home tomorrow too. I sure as hell better be going out.

So! To recap: Good day, good friends, good times. Happy.

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