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I want to be a producer of a great big broadway smash!

Happy Thanksgiving, Everybody!!!

Woke up at 9:15 and immediately got a phone call from Zoe (the niece, not the friend). I talked to her a bit about Florida, then I talked to Mikey. They are both having so much fun. I talked to Mama and then Cici. I told her that Joey was going to be on the Parade, since she hadn't heard about it yet. That's what happens when you are disconnected from Journal.

At 2:45, I'll leave to go to Emily's. That leaves me 5 hours of completely alone time. This is not the holidays.

And despite that pessimism there...

I am thankful...
- For the roof over my head
- For family who loves and supports me
- For friends who love me, support me and so much more
- For the food I get a chance to eat every day
- For my warm bed
- For Journal and my friends here. You are all amazing people, and I appreciate that so much.
- For the house to myself and the trust my parents have in me to leave me alone for so long
- For the theatre program at school and Carl, Eric and Susan who make my days better
- For my best friends, with whom I can talk comfortably, let down my guards completely and just be myself. Words can not express my appreciate and love for these few, but important people
- For siblings who I know would support me, even if my parents didn't
- For having the trust of my sister enough to have keys to her apartment and to care for her cats while she's gone for 8 days
- To have the wonderful materialistic things that make days more bearable, like computers, cell phones and microwaves
- For email and AIM who allow me to keep in touch with friends who may not be 'just around the corner' anymore
- For a car that runs and can take me anywhere I want to go
- For parents who let me go anywhere I want to go
- For my cat who can always comfort me when I'm lonely and down
- For growing up in a house where the back door was always open
- For growing up in chaos with at least 7 people living in a 3 bedroom ranch house
- For my health...or as much of it as I have
- For people I can turn to
- For everything I have and take for granted or forget about

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