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I'm dreaming of a white Christmas, just likes the ones I used to know

La nuit:

Caitlin came over early. And brought Paul with. [...] Not a huge Paul fan. Didn't really want him in my house. Whatever...he's harmless.

Between 6:30 and 7, Candace came over, Goldy showed up, Charlie and Rob made it back from dinner, and Jason came. I called Zoe and she said she'd be over by 8.

Jason had to leave early-ish because a few relatives were coming in town. I told him to call me if he could come back later.

Candace left for dinner and came back with Cark. Woo!

We played Trivial Pursuit for a while, until 10:40 when Rob realized he had to be home at 10, so Goldy took him home. Caitlin and Paul left for curfew, and a while later, Jason came back and Candace, Cark and Zoe left for their homes.

Goldy, Chazz, Jason and I sat around for a while, and then Charlie suggested we go to Jack's...a 24-hour restaurant on Touhy with waitresses who are all over 40 and most who have been there for a couple decades. Ours called us 'honey', said that Jason was a cutie, and asked if Chazz and I were brother/sister. She was awesome.

Just got home from the meal thing. Took a quick walk-through of Goldy's house and we all returned home. It was really cute...Jason's mom called and said that it was time to come home and that she was getting worried. She's such an adorable woman!

Now I'm getting ready for bed. I don't have anywhere to be until 3:30 tomorrow when I go to Emily's for dinner. Good times, good times.

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