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In case of fire, break the glass

I'm not wearing any pants!!!

So yes. I haven't been around much in the past day. And this is actually a drive-by posting as well.

Yesterday was fun. Actually, thinking about it, it wasn't that great. Whatever. School was okay and I slept at Candace's last night where we had a girl's night out/pot-luck dinner thing. 'Twas awesome. My quiche was really good. Did quite a bit of talking. Nothing overly interesting though.

I just got out of the shower and am experience a great lack of pants and even an adequate shirt for the weather. Mmm...skimpy shelf-bra tank...

I need to go get dressed so I can go to Doctor Lady #2 at noon. Must leave in 15 minutes.

YAY FOR NO SCHOOL!!! WOOO!!!! Thanksgiving Break rocks. 5-day weekends are much appreciated.

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