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Roaming through this darkness, I'm alive but I'm alone

Went to dinner with Daddy. Bennigan's. Yummy.

I forgot how good their burgers are. *drool*

That was my goal for get a hamburger. I'm giving blood tomorrow (or at least hoping to) at the school blood drive and my sister always has problems with iron, so I figured I should have a meaty meal. Mmm...meat.

This is my bruise I keep talking about. This was a day after, and I somehow got it sliding down a couple concrete stairs. This was 8 days ago.

Doesn't look like a bruise? How about this one...

This was taken today. Yeah...the "bruise" is a little more evident. I blame the continual color changing on Charlie, who tries his damnedest to hit it every chance he gets. Grrr.

Fun and exciting. I also wanted to upload the picture of the frame I painted for my Secret Turkey. It's damn cool and I think I'm going to do that for my friends for Christmas/Hanukkah gifts. I'm cheap and that's easy. Yay.

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