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I'm blind and shaking, bound and breaking, I hope I make it through all these changes


Quite the day. I suppose I've been pretty productive. And accomplished.

- Read Act II of Hamlet
- Go to Cici's [I'm here right now] [feed cats, play with cats, get in mail, upload bruise pictures]
- Shop for ingredients/make Quiche. WOO!!!
- Do my APES homework if I feel like it
- Listen to the new 3 Doors Down CD!!!! [several times already]
- Buy/make/find a Secret Turkey present [eep!!]

The quiche seemes to have turned out good. It was pretty sketchy while I was making it, but I think it was saved. It's not the prettiest quiche, but the sample I had tasted pretty good. Yay.

Read Hamlet. Did APES homework just because I had extra time waiting for the quiche to finish cooking.

I've been listening to 3 Doors Down on repeat for the last few hours.

The cats seem content. They are napping. Cuties!

I have the bruise pictures (and they are definitely pretty) but my sister's computer is funky and not letting me upload. I'll do that when I get home.

Which I'm heading to now. After I figure out what the hell to get my Secret Turkey. Erm...buh? PLEASE GIVE ME SUGGESTIONS!!!!

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