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When the sun stops sinking on your beautiful soul

Welcome to Saturday.

I've actually been up for over an hour, but am just getting a chance to update. My computer, of course, crashed earlier as I was reading my friends page. Boo.

Our guests from Central Illinois have left. I saw my sister for a whole 10 minutes...maybe. They are all going downtown to meet up with Brad and Sarah's parents and go shopping and eat and all the fun stuff to do in the city. They are also going to be catching the parade and tree lighting tonight. Ooo.

I was contemplating going to the bank to open a checking account. Because I can. And having an ATM/debit card would be a nice safety. I'm so worried that I'll abuse the privilege and always wind up broke. But then again, I have an incredible amount of self control, as I know from my lack of 3 Doors Down CD. :-(

Crew at 1. So I have a little under 3 hours. I suppose I could go to the bank. Why not do it solo, since my parents probably wouldn't want to take me. Well, my father probably would, but he's not so good with all that financial stuff. Mama the accountant would be a good one to go, but a) she's in Florida and b) ...yeah, she probably wouldn't want to anyhow. *sigh*

Better shower now. Considering actually blow-drying my hair. Wha??

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