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Long day. Much tired.

School = fine.

I was quoted for a Deerprints article and was complemented on the quote by both Susan and Eric. They were both very impressed with it, and it honestly made me feel really good that they were both raving about it so much. Much with the yay.

Everything else was pretty boring. I have to read Act II of Hamlet for Monday. Did half during a free period. Have quite a bit of busy work for APES, but none too time consuming.

A pulled a muscle in my back playing pillow polo in gym. Yes, yes...I do feel like a fucking idiot.

Crew = fun.

Tomorrow we meet from 1-4, then we're playing kickball and probably doing dinner. Lots of light focusing, but I already requested to model, so I stand in one spot on stage for a while instead of messing with the instruments. Sweet.

We went to see the new Bond film tonight. It was highly entertaining, and I enjoyed it. Pierce!!! SO HOT!!! Mmmm!

Basically, our group of geeky guy friends (woo chess team!) had tickets for the 9:30 showing at Showplace (mmm...cheep), so we had Ben go after school and buy us [Allie, Candace, Caitlin, me, him and Zoe] for the same time. I felt pretty bad.

Then I felt worse when Caitlin stole Pat from their group for dinner, and subsequently Goldy and Chazz. We all went to Max and Erma's in Vernon Hills but when the wait became too long (they kept pushing our time back) we got fed up and left. Mmm...Portillo's. Quick, cheep and easy. Yum.

After the movie, Zoe and I went to my sister's apartment to check up on the cats. She gave them enough food to last at least through tomorrow and probably Sunday. I'll definitely check up on them again Sunday, and if I have time...maybe tomorrow too. They were fine though.

Right now, Fayanne is home, with Brad. And Brad's sister and Brad's sister's boyfriend. All in my house. Random, yes. But oh well. It's not the first time we've had strange people stay at our house. And they're only here for a day. Haven't seen any of them yet, I've been out all day.

And for's bedtime!

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