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They say "freak" when you're singled out

Where to start.

One, in case the mood of this post might not suggest it, I'm pretty pissed off right now. For no reason really.

School was fine. Whatever, it's the norm.

Then I went to AWARE. Our group of the usual 5-8 people was rushed today with supporters of Zack Valentine and those who want to help him get back to school. He's currently out on a 10 day out-of-school suspension for hacking into the district servers and is pending expulsion Monday night at the School Board Meeting.

Now, I'm in support of Zack coming back. He didn't change anything, he didn't tamper with files. He did post on a message board that he had gained access to the school server as well as posting a list of usernames (*not* passwords). Basically though, those aren't secret. Teachers are first initial, last name and students are year of graduation, last name, first initial. [Example: asmith or 03smitha]

This was all posted on a message board created by students and hosted by a friend of mine, Bittner. Bittner as well as other admin to the board received 3-day in-school suspensions, and those that replied to the posting by Zack have been pulled into the Dean and I believe are in process of getting 1-days.

Zack did NOT post how he gained access. No one asked how to go about gaining access. The school's server is easy to hack into, several have done it. Anyone caught making changes is expelled. But Zack did not change anything.

The group was really organized, but I feel as though they sort of wasted time. Ours and theirs. Cohen and Wolf gave them direction and told them to organize for the Board Meeting on Monday, but really it felt like we were spinning wheels.

I don't know if I had a point with all that or not. I know that Bittner has left Brunk and I alone during 2nd period (we all have free and sit together in the library) but that's about the only immediate concern on my end. I have a lot of friends who know Zack and friends who are close with Zack, but the issue doesn't really effect me all that much.

I got to crew and felt really badly that I had missed out. I also was a bit pissed that we didn't get to hold our AWARE meeting and deal with the two issues we've been trying to...the war with Iraq and offensive language. Today Justin Shiffman and I had a VERY heated argument in the library about him using "gay" in an inappropriate manner. I let it slide generally, if it's only said once. But he said it about 7 times in the SAME SENTENCE. A librarian came over to quiet us down and he began debating with her. It was both funny and horrible at the same time.

I apologized to Eric for not being at crew. He confusedly asked "but you were at AWARE, right?" Yes, but for whatever reason I felt incredibly guilty. Maybe it was the waste of time I felt. Maybe it was the strange atmosphere that everything seemed to have.

Maybe it's just another one of those nights.


I'm going to go check my email and calm the fuck down. I'll definitely be back.

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