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I'm here without you baby, but you're still with me in my dreams


Interesting day.

Still no Secret Turkey gifts. Adam and I are the only two whose Turkeys have been negligent. >:-O I don't care so much about what they get me, but it hurts to not get anything. Like an orphan on Christmas.

Made macaroni and cheese outside in Outdoor Adventure. Gotta love outdoor cooking!

Did a presentation in APES. It sucked a lot, so I'm just praying he grades kindly.

No crew again, so I'm home.

Got a piece of mail from Indiana University. I was accepted for the Direct Admit Program.

Congratulations on your outstanding academic achievements to date, and on your acceptance to Indiana University! Based upon your academic record and your interest in majoring in Theatre and Drama, you are invited to take advantage of the Direct Admission into the College of Arts and Sciences.

Cool. The letter goes on. Apparently the requirements are an ACT score of at least 29 [nope, I got a 28], top 10% of class [eh, I'm about at 15%, though at DHS, that's pretty damn good. Hell, my GPA is 3.7], or you demonstrate interest and achievement in a particular area. Damn fucking straight.

Double cool. Makes me feel all special and important and smart.

I may as well do this. It doesn't commit me to IU yet, and I'm going to be in the College of Arts and Sciences anyhow. Same division even...Arts and Humanities. I applied Theatre, but could change to English.


I really want to go to IU. Badly. Hmm...maybe I'll start checking out student loans. Gotta love being in debt for the first 10 years of your adult life.


'Tis all, my fine feathered friends.

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