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Was that him? Yes, it was. Was it me? No it wasn't, just a trick of the woods

I feel as though I've been pretty productive tonight. I did my APES homework...both the journal entry and the reading/worksheet on Leopold's Sketches Here and There that isn't due until Thursday.

I didn't have any English homework, so I'm set there.

I need to wrap my Secret Turkey gift for tomorrow. I already made another sign for her locker, so I'm pretty much set.

However, I could use your help! I need gift suggestions that are cheap and relatively easy. So far I've gotten her candy, tomorrow she's getting a cute little Hello Kitty bumblebee. I was thinking about baking cookies (maybe those cut-and-bake ones...especially if I can find ones with Turkeys. What else???

I think I'm going to bed early tonight. Today was brutal and I'm not making the same mistake twice.

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