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Hold me when I'm here, right me when I'm wrong, hold me when I'm scared and love me when I'm gone


There's so much stuff that I know I'm going to forget tomorrow.

* I have a 7:30 Student Activities Board meeting. Eek. I already set my alarm for 6:30 though.

* I need to think of something creative for my Secret Turkey gift. At Target today I bought a pack of Starbursts and a bag of Skittles at the I just need something cute that says "look, I didn't just get candy...the candy is a BONUS!!!" Can't forget this.

* I also need to bring in a frying pan and bread for making Grilled Cheese sandwiches in Outdoor Adventure. I actually got that stuff together and it's sitting on my bed.

* I'm bringing in poster board for APES. We need to create a visual for this group project that no one has worked on and I think we start presenting on Wednesday. My group is going next Monday though.

* I should bring my camera around places so that I can finally get the pictures that are on it developed. I think I still have summer on there. And Homecoming Week. Hmm...

There must be more, but I'm forgetting already.

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