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Nov. 17th, 2002

I was wondering why it was taking so long to get through my friends page.

Then I remembered that last night my computer was crashing more than necessary and my internet connection went down.


Yesterday night:

The last post I made was after the dentist, crew, volleyball and Chipotle. So after I made that post, I took my cuddly blanket and went upstairs to the couch and fell asleep to the radio. I got about 45 minutes in before the phone rang.

'Twas Allie...asking what we should do. I said we should have people over to her house and because she needs to watch Amelie for her French class, that we should all watch it.

Well, everyone disappeared off the face of the earth last night, and it was really only she and I for about 4 hours until Candace and Mulder showed up at 11 (after seeing Oklahoma at Stevenson). [Side note: I've decided that I don't much like Candace when she's with Mulder. And then I realized that I don't mind Mulder when he's not around Candace. Because everyone knows I'm not a big Mulder fan, but I can deal with him for STUNTS...when Candace is no where near him. Huh. They must bring out the worst in each other. There's a healthy relationship for you...]

It was nice for Allie and I to just talk for a while. I practically never see her anymore. Huh.

We watched SNL, which is really a horrible show. They have no focus and their pacing sucked, until the end when things got better. The skits were all terrible and Brittany Murphy is on crack. Oy.

I had to take the children home, which meant getting myself home before curfew. Silly Dace and Mulder.

As I mentioned, I got home to my internet connection crashed and the computer not working well. I got it all working, but was too tired to appreciate it and just went to bed without checking Journal or anything.

Fun and exciting, n'est pas?

It snowed last night. And actually accumulated. About an inch and a half.

I'm torn, because I love the brightness that snow brings to dreary winter days, but I hate snow. And I love the way the house feels in winter. All Christmasy and happy. But I hate the cold. Eh.

Things I need to buy or do today:
- Buy camera battery
- Finish roll of film
- Buy Secret Turkey gifts (in Company, we all have a Secret Turkey and have to buy that person gifts every day until Thanksgiving Break. 7 gifts, yo)
- Wait patiently for Tuesday when I can buy More Than You Think You Know.

Oh! And I forgot to tell you about my injury!

So yesterday at the end of crew, I was a dumb ass and slipped down a set of concrete stairs that I was trying to go up. Now, I have a bruise, about 3 inches in diameter and a half-inch raised up and smack in the middle! A centimeter wide circle that Allie says looks like a puncture wound. I'd have to agree. It looks like someone took a big-ass screwdriver and jammed it into my leg. It's all black too.

If I can find my sister's digital camera, I might take pictures later.

Now, I need to get dressed and go to Target, or something.


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Nov. 17th, 2002 08:49 am (UTC)
What do you mean "If I can find my sister's digital camera?"
Nov. 17th, 2002 09:08 am (UTC)
Ha ha ha...I saw that one coming a mile away.

It's in my old purse, on the back of my door. Fear not, it is not lost.

Nov. 17th, 2002 04:34 pm (UTC)
More Than You Think You ARE. Come on Gail, you're killing me here! :p ;)
Nov. 17th, 2002 04:51 pm (UTC)
It was early, alright? ;-)

Yeah, I'm just on crack.
Nov. 17th, 2002 05:17 pm (UTC)
The 'early' reasoning would have worked fine! hehehe
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