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You don't need to bother, I don't need to breathe. I'll keep slipping farther

Fucking Blue Screen of Death force quitting Explorer while I'm typing a journal entry.

At least I hadn't gotten very far.

Anywho, eventful day ahead. So I'm rather relishing the non-action right now.

11:30 or 12:30 (not really sure right now) - Dentist appointment with Cici and Zoe
1 - Crew until 3
3 - Volleyball in a gym
after - Chipotle for dinner (woo number 5! 8 days!)
then - who knows? It's a Saturday night.

Oh wait!! I told Allie I'd do something with her tonight. She wasn't going to hang out with us yesterday because Ben was leaving today to go do Iowa so over the ENTIRE weekend she would only seem him Friday night.

Boo hoo *cry* boo hoo.


But yes. That means she's free tonight and I should remember to call her lazy ass.

Now? I need to rinse out my breakfast bowl (mmm...Corn Pops) and shower. Mmm...clean.

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