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I'm on my feet, I'm on the floor, I'm good to go

Chomping Cheerios in a futile effect to make my stomach not feel like it's been stabbed repeatedly with a very large fork.

My back hurts too, but it's the wrong time of the month for those, so I'm not really sure where all the pain is coming from. *sigh* Me and my broken body.

Just came home from Phatty's. After crew, a bunch of us went to Chipotle (4 times in 1 week. Go me) and then to his house to watch the LOTR special edition DVD. 'Twas fun and exciting, of course. Basically, we talked though the entire movie, except the new scenes.

School was fine. APES test was a little confusing, but easy...I think. If I do badly, I'll feel really stupid. Bleh. And he wasn't even in class, the slacker. Nothing overly exciting happened, other than that. So yay for non-eventful.

Oh, and I was late to English 1st period today. Only a minute, but a lot of people were. Weatherby said she's going to start collecting money toward a donut fund every time someone comes in late (about 8 people were this morning. Eep). Some asked if that was extortion and she said "well, yes, but it's my last year of teaching so I don't think they'd fire me." I love that woman.

So much trouble. Talked to Zoe a lot today. Yearning. Always the fucking yearning.

Need to go to bed. 1pm dentist appointment tomorrow, then crew and who knows what all. Night folks.

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