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Chaos eventually turns well again. This I have learned. Nothing can possibly stay bad forever.

Talked to Eric. He said that Carl could give me the info for fall play practices tomorrow at the Freshman Info Meeting. This means, no rehearsal tomorrow at 9am. God, I suck so much. I knew there wouldn't be. I just always imagine the worst.

I guess I can unset my alarm for 7:45. I was going to wake up, drive to school and check the call-board tomorrow morning. Now I won't have to be up until 9. *sigh* Relief.

Still worried about the ticket, but what the hell can I do about it? Nothing. It's out of my hands. I will mail it tomorrow and hope nothing goes askew.

I'm writing mommy a note for her credit card and info on the reception for Nik and Amanda.

Isn't it amazing how sometimes you can find a song that totally sums up everything you are feeling? I think this is one of the reasons I love music so much. It's so real, and pure, and *there*
Fuel's Bad Day. Download it now. Please, it's fantastic.

Anyway, little by little, my life is once again re-ordering itself. I will leave you all with this wonderfully true cliche: There's always a light at the end of the tunnel.

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