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You didn't miss me, you won't miss her. You'll never lack for customers

Today has been pretty good. It's about time!

English was boring. We are reading a short story by Faulkner. It sucks. I don't understand it at all. I hate Faulkner. Sophocles was so much easier!

Carl is gone all week, so Eric is our substitute for theatre. Yay! Today though, we spend all 40 minutes writing about tensional relationships somewhere in the school. I sort of like what I wrote, it was nifty.

We got a new song in Chorus that we sang Freshman year. I still remember the entire thing! It's great. One less song to learn!

6th period I was talking to Allie and she said that Mrs. Kellman was in the building. I went ballistic! Kellman was one of the ONLY teachers I ever liked in Junior High, and if I had needed a mentor back then, it would have been her. I love her so incredibly much.

So Allie and I start talking and we get really afraid that she won't remember us. That would be absolutely crushing, since she obviously meant a lot to us both. So we fretted about it, and never had the time to go search for her.

APES sucked. Boo.

Then Amanda and I were talking about Kellman, and we saw her walking down a hall. She and I start talking about what Allie and I were talking about...afraid that she wouldn't remember us. We saw some young girl say 'hi' to her and we thought it would be different if we were Freshman. Being Seniors, it's been 5 years since she was our teacher.

We finally suck it up, though, and follow her into the WERKS [our English resource center]. Mrs. Kellman sees us and gets a huge smile on her face. She gives us both hugs and says how great it is to see us. We chatted with her for a bit. She told us we had to visit her at Shepard (she just transfered this year) and it was all really nice. Amanda and I were absolutely beaming that she actually remembered us, and well! Yay!!

So that was all fun. And we had a STUNTS Board meeting, which went pretty well. I have quite a bit to organize and stuff...but I got most of it done on Eric's computer after the meeting. (Correcting the show order and production calendar, trying to organize all the freaking info sheets, typing the tech schedule. Oy!)

Then, at Chipotle tonight they are having a benefit thing where 100% of their profits between 5-8pm go directly into our Student Activities fund at the High School. So a bunch of us went there for dinner, and now I'm home.

Things to do:
-Reread short story by Fuckner

Yeah...that's it. I already did the little STUNTS work I had left. Tomorrow I'll have a bunch to do, trying to add the Original Acts info to the info spreadsheet. *sigh*

I should go to bed early. I was EXHAUSTED this morning. And I should start reading The Story of B.

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