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You gotta be bad, you gotta be bold, you gotta be wiser

Rob's was entertaining.

We played Settlers and watched Fast and the Furious. Also watched some of the British House of Commons on C-SPAN where everyone basically mocks Tony Blair for doing stupid shit.

It's funny as hell, and yes. We are huge dorks. But at least we are educated about World Politics!

Ha ha.

Anywho. Home now. Really fucking glad there's no school tomorrow. Disappointed the weekend went by so quickly. Mixed feelings about how little I got done. Overall, I've definitely spent more time this weekend in pajamas than not. I took far too many naps for two days and did too much lazing and lounging around. I blame my mother, as usual.

Now I'm going to do some more of that sitting around on my ass doing nothing in pajamas. Whee.

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