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And when the stars are shining in your eyes...

Though I did eventually shower and get dressed today, I never did put on any make up. I also haven't worn my glasses for more than 10 minutes all day. It was just easier to go without.

And eyes without eyeliner look tired. This I have learned.

I read quite a bit of Ender's Game today. I'd say that my goal is to finish by the end of the weekend...but I'm afraid it won't happen. Broken goals are the worst because you can only blame yourself for them.

Tomorrow night is our "birthday dinner" for Emily and me. Apparently we are going to Olive Garden.

Monday, I'll be doing lunch with Fayanne before she goes back home.

I guess that's it. I'm not really tired, but I don't have anything to do but sleep. And I'm sort of "reading"ed out right now.

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