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She said "I might not be seeing you soon. There's a few things I've been meaning to do"

Lazy day. I'm still not dressed. Mama probably disapproves. But screw her.

I read a couple chapters of Ender's Game. It's pretty good so far.

My brother is over, fixing his Jeep. He borrowed my car for a bit, but has returned. Ci and the kids are coming over soon-ish. Mama's actually cooking a meal. Because Fayanne is home. Don't worry, it has nothing to do with the fact that my birthday was this week. That would just be silly.

I feel as though I should at least shower and get dressed. Everyone is here or on their way (except Emily. She and Tom are taking a weekend trip to the Dell's for her birthday).

Must've been hard to see through the tears she was crying...

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