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Somebody's gonna give you a lesson in leaving

I have soooooo much to do this weekend.

Mainly? Housing. Must. Get. Done. Tomorrow.


I should get to Northwestern. And soon. Or at least begin working on the essays and such (the questions I can get from the online form).

Must. Start. Essays. By Monday.


I also need to send out the STUNTS schedule, as well as tell the band what days they are teching and see if they want to have rehearsal on they days they aren't...or at least what times they want to hold rehearsal.

I'd like to read more of Ender's Game. The sooner I finish, the sooner I get started on The Story of B.

Mommy wanted me to go with Fayanne to Western this weekend. I really don't want to. And I don't think I'll have the time either. I have college apps to do. *cough*Excuses, excuses!*cough*

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