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*screams inside head* a warning, I'm about to loose it.

I...just...dont' know. I can't...GAH!!!

I can't think straight or type or anything.

My speeding ticket is due the 29th, and was supposed to be mailed 3 days in advance, and I forgot. I can't believe it. I'm so irresponsible. I...just... Damn it!!

Fall play practice starts sometime this week. I was supposed to go into school today to check out the schedule. I forgot about that too. If we had had the STUNTS meeting, like originally planned, I would have been fine. What if there is a rehearsal tomorrow at 9? I won't know about it.

I'm meeting my sister at the post office at 10 to get a money order and send out my speeding ticket. Hopefully they won't fine me for being late. Hopefully it also won't go on my record. It's bad enough I decided not to take the stupid 5 hour class to get the ticket cleared, but to have a late fine? Shit. Insurance will probably go up. Parents will probably find out. To this point, I don't think they know about it. Good.

The Theatre Freshman info meeting is tomorrow at 10:30.

Wednesday I have the booksale. Yuck. I'll need mommy's credit card...have to remember to ask her for that. Knowing me, I'll forget.

Forgot to ask her what Nikki and Amanda are doing Saturday (they will be babysitting kids as the wedding). Shit. I hate myself. Why can't I remember anything??????!!!

Don't know when play practices are. Shit. What if they interfere with STUNTS meetings, or the book sale. Or the wedding? He wouldn't have a rehearsal on a saturday, would he?

I wish Eric was online, so I could ask him about the fall play. I don't know if he would know, but it would make me feel a ton better to get my worrying out in the open.

Okay, I've officially lost it. I can't stop bawling my eyes out, and I can't find any kleenex in this entire house. WHAT THE FUCK?!


Sorry. I have to go now. akekjkjaglkgdalkhgdalkhg.

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