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Writing one great song...before I die

My cat keeps trying to get into my closet. It's not that cool, kitty...I promise.

Finished our in-class English essays with a substitute. Excellent. Mine sucks monkey butt, but we'll forgive that.

Ran the pacer for the last time ever. I will definitely not miss it.

We started a new song in Chorale today. It's Latin, and very cool. Think monks in brown robes with hoods walking slowly through a cave and chanting with candles. Yes...that is this song. It's the COOLEST!!

APES we got new seats. Boo. But I also got candy for my birthday. Gave most of it away, but ate 4 pieces of chocolate and was wired after.

All day we tried to decide on the plans for the night. We knew we wanted to see Bowling for Columbine, but we didn't know where or when. We thought about Regal, but the times didn't work right. Someone said Rivertree, but there were no listings on or, so we just decided to go for Evanston, because we knew it was playing there.

Crewness: Crew was the only element of STUNTS meeting today, but Eric needed me to do producer type stuff all day. During this time, we finalized plans for the movie and I got directions to the theatre and such. I don't know how I didn't see it before, I pass it every time I go to Evanston.

At the beginning of crew I emailed Jason from my phone saying we would be in his neck of the woods that night. He emailed back asking why and who was "we". So at the end of crew, there was mass chaos and I told him the plans and asked if he wanted to meet us for dinner. He asked where and when, and I decided to wait and decide when I picked up Candace. At the same time, I was calling home to say I'd be going to dinner and movie, calling Allie to tell her that Nikki would pick her up, telling Zoe and Hank that I would give them a ride but that we'd have to pick up Candace, because she was going to drop off Cark at home.

Oy! But eventually we made it out of there, and in only three cars! It's amazing.

Directly from school, at 6:20, I run to Candace's to pick her up, we stop at Hank's to grab some money and are on our way to Evanston. Somewhere in here I make the decision that we are eating at Chipotle, and email Jason that we'll meet at 7:05.

We got there a little late, but by the time we parked and got our tickets for the movie, we were 20 minutes late meeting Jason at Chipotle. Eep! So we got our food to go and only saw him for about 5 minutes. I don't think I said more than 20 words to him. So sad.

Then Caitlin calls and says that they won't let her buy the tickets for Nikki and Allie, who hadn't made it down yet. A few minutes later she calls and says that the computers are messed up and everything is frozen and no one can buy tickets to anything. THEN she calls and says that it sold out.

We are three tickets short and still need to find a way to get Hank in without an ID. (Damn 16-year olds!)

We take our burritos to go and book back to the theatre. Nikki and Allie have arrived and the computers still don't work. We decide to sneak Hank in by sending Zoe back out with two tickets after the rest of us have entered. It's a busy Friday so they weren't watching that closely. Allie and Nikki decide to go home and see the 9:45 showing at Regal. I feel horrible for making them drive all the way down there and not even seeing the movie with us.

But the movie was really good. (Bowling for Columbine, in case you didn't read the cut-text.) It was funny for a lot of it, and I was definitely not expecting humor. [There was also the five minutes that I was sobbing. I've never cried like that in a movie. I've cried before. Tears running down cheeks and such. But not this. I was sobbing. It was strange.] I loved what Marilyn Manson and Matt Stone had to say. I loved when he used the clip of Bush with an error in his grammar and the ENTIRE audience groaned. Ha ha...educated people rock.

So yes. I recommend this film to all. Understand that it's extremely biased and leftist and Michael Moore is a huge liberal...but I don't think many people around here would have a problem with that. ;-)

After the film, the six of us who saw it (Caitlin, Pat, Hank, Zoe, Candace and I) went for Flurries at McDonald's, then came home. Home by 11 on a Friday. Boo. And hell, I don't even have curfew anymore. Double boo.

But things were good today and tonight. So yay.

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