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The moon is pulling at me, the moon is pulling at you

You swear to me it's the sun shining though...

Today has been pretty good.

The English in-class essay has now become "I'll give you two days in-class to work on it...and if you want to do it at home too, that's fine." So tomorrow I'm in the computer lab again.

Company was fun. Carl was gone, so Tania was our sub and helped us with some improv that we'll be using next semester to create the Spring Play. Exciting!!

Tomorrow in gym I run the pacer for the last time ever. *sniff* Oh wait...that's a good thing. ;-) [Too bad I've been having the cramps from hell tonight...and something tells me they'll only be worse tomorrow. Dammit!!]

Watched the concert in Chorale. Was a lot better than I thought. It was actually a really solid concert for being all in foreign languages and me being pretty sure that I didn't know any of the songs.

APES was boring. But for whatever reason, we got on a 10 minute tangent about coyotes, wolves, and cats being vicious creatures. Random, but funny as hell.

Theatre 1,2 was pretty boring. I have to remember to answer the questions that Shaina gave me (she's writing an article on STUNTS for the school newspaper, Deerprints). Mmm...producer...

After school I sort of ditched out on my producerly duties (eek!) to attend AWARE for the first time since last year. It was great fun to be back. The focus right now is on stopping offensive language. I'm not talking about swearing...but those people (and there are a majority of them) who think it's alright to say "That's so gay" or "how retarded" and other really disrespectful phrases. We are also going to be starting an anti-war in Iraq campaign.

That got out at 4:50, so I went to crew for the last 10 minutes, and did some producer stuff...we figured out the tech schedule. Must type up in production calendar and send to Eric, Tania and Swartz...tomorrow, because I forgot the calendar at school.

Tonight was also a band concert, so I went to dinner with Eric, Candace, and the two freshman working the show. Then we came back and ran stuff. It was a really good concert. Jazz Band was excellent. Peter Lansky is just amazing. ;-)

I just got home from that not too long ago. I've already showered and am on my way to working on the English essay.

Lastly, in a final attempt to keep my computer from crashing once a day, I have turned off the screen saver altogether. A while ago it would crash whenever it fell "asleep" so I disabled the sleep function. Maybe disabling the screen saver will help. *crosses fingers*

I really don't want to have to ask for a new computer. I want one so badly, but I've already been taking enough money for stuff! New Orleans deposit, college applications fee, housing fees, candy and nut sale just came in so now I need money for that. Grrr...I had being a dependant. But I have no income.

And paying utter disregard to that fact...I have $110 birthday cash. Hmmm...eyebrow piercing?? ;-)

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