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My day in a nutshell...(Hi, I'm gail's day...I'm in a nutshell)

I'm home for about a half hour, so, of course, I rushed to my Journal.

I had a busy day. Picked up my film from Walgreens. Nothing too quality, but I got a couple cute pictures of kitty. I went to both Best Buys...nothing. That's it. I give up on stores. I'm ordering online from now on!! Now all I need is a credit card...

Also, I got two more packs of Frappuccino. It's some good stuff. Ate 3/4 of a load of Rosemary and Onion Focaccia bread for lunch. I love Panera's bread. So good.

Went to Cici's apartment to use her scanner. 4 disks later...(I promise I will erase the disks and give them back, Ci, once I store all the pics on a Zip disk.) I will be adding a bunch of the scanned pics to my website...get excited.

I'm meeting some friends for dinner tonight at 6:30. We are having a "farewell Lindsay" night. She's the last of my senior friends to be leaving. Everyone else is gone. It's sad, but as I was scanning in pics today, I realized that I have a bunch of pictures of everybody, so that's good. Yay.

I'm gonna go transfer files from the borrowed floppies to a nice Zip disk. I'll check back later.

*If Your Gone - Matchbox Twenty
*Paint Me Blue - Tabitha's Secret

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