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I have to go...oooouuuuuuuut tonight!

Okay, so because I'm a mega slack and still haven't turned in my Senior Superlatives Survey...please go do my poll, if you haven't already yet. Call it a birthday present...just go. Because right now? Still tied.

9th was fun. They sang to me, I skipped around the room, and before class started, I was making fun of Carl a lot. Bwahahaha!! I'm horrible. I also got my APES homework done that I didn't start until the last 20 minutes I was home during my 2 and a half hour break. Such a slack! But being home was really nice.

STUNTS Board meeting went well. Lots of 'happy birthday'ness and such. Carly even had Candace go out and buy me a cupcake, so when she got back with it, the board sang to me and it was all happy. We also managed to get through most everything on the agenda. Show Order...eek. Still need to finish, but hopefully we can get that soon, because that determines the order of tech and the tech schedule. (Which I was a total dumbass and forgot about at the meeting...oy!)

Then I wandered around rehearsals for a while. Popped in on Original STUNTS, Band and Musical Theatre Troupe a few times each before bailing out. More 'happy birthday'ness, especially when Sam told the band to tell me 'happy birthday'. Twas cute.

So yay for birthday.

Now I'm hoping to go out to dinner, because I don't want to stay home on my 18th birthday, despite it being a Tuesday and a school night. When has that ever stopped me before?? Bwahahah!

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